Building Project

PH1 of Building Project Complete (May 2023)

The building work is complete except for a few minor snags, and installation of the automatic (fire) shutter for kitchen hatch.

The finished work has exceeded our expectations (Shout out to our builder, Bakker and his team from B&A Development!). The kitchen has been done to a very high standard, as have the new toilets (Gents, Ladies, and Accessible) and our new Baby Changing Room. See pictures below of the completed project (save for the automatic Fire Shutter in kitchen hatch)

The facilities are already being used, but subject confirmation we hope to have a dedication service and formal opening on Sunday 11 June.

Here is a video set to appropriate music showing the Before, During and Aftet stages of the building work

Proposed Building Works

Building Work is planned to commence 5 Oct 2022, and should take 6-8 weeks, so completion end Nov approx. We now have funding and approvals to complete a major part of what was Phase1 of the original scope set out in the remainder of this web page. The two main components are a new kitchen and reconfigured and much improved set of toilets including baby changing facilities and disabled access. Both are in line with the original plans.


Our builder is B&A Development and the kitchen will be supplied by Arlington Kitchens, both local companies,


The work should take 6-8 weeks.


We had hoped to complete the project by Christmas (2022) but unfortunately the supplier of the industrial lino we’ve chosen can’t install this till end January 2023, so we now looking at completion early-mid February 2023.


The kitchen and sanitary ware in toilets cannot be installed till the lino is down - plastering, drains, heating and lighting should however all be complete by Christmas.

Proposed Kitchen Layout

PROGRESS up to 14 Nov 2022

Original Building Project Outline

To support our Vision of further broadening the use of the building, and over time becoming more of a community resource or ‘Community Hub’, we engaged DMS (Architects) to carry out a Feasibility Study.

From this they produced the artwork you see on the website and which was used to support a very successful Open Meeting, and became the blueprint for the detailed plans which were approved in Sept 2017.


To support the building project the church convened a Fundraising & Publicity Committee in May 2019. The purpose of this committee is to:

  • Provide ideas & instigate various activities to support a programme of raising funds for the church building renovations.
  • To organise & host events to raise the profile of the church & building to promote it as a community meeting point.
  • Encourage non church members to develop regular community activities utilising church facilities.
  • The committee also investigates and make applications to local & national community grants to progress funding.

The committee is also striving to improve communication for church members & the local community with the use of notice boards inside & outside of the church by providing visual aids. A thermometer is on the church entrance depicting how the building fund is progressing & a new notice board just inside the church entrance promotes regular & forthcoming events within the church.

In addition to this the committee ensures that news is up-to-date and use social media, the church has a Facebook page. We also utilise community networks and most importantly we have a Church website.

Update & progress on our church building fund

We have been busy in recent months not just by organising fundraising events but approaching organisations and submitting grant applications, some which have been successful. The following list is an acknowledgement and a big thankyou to those organisations who have supported our building fund.
As of January 2020 our Coffee Stop Donation Thermometer has reached £12k
Church Building Fund Thermometer has reached £ 74K Total £ 86k

Emmerdale Fund £25k

Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation £10k (pledge subsequently expired)
Harewood Parish Council £5k
United Reformed Church Yorkshire Synod £3k (subsequently increased to £10k)

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