As you will see in ‘What’s On’, all Church Services have been cancelled till further notice.

A number of other groups and activities have already cancelled their sessions in the church building, with others monitoring Government advice and guidance.

Participants should look to the Leader of the event or activity in the first instance for guidance on any changes to the schedule or recommended participation. Leaders should of course pay particular attention to the latest advice from our government and the NHS, as this reflects current legislation and the science and advice from health experts.

Leaders should communicate directly with participants in the first instance, but can also publish specific information on this page of our website if required. We will endeavour to publish details of cancelled activities as soon as church officers are informed - see ‘Contact Info, on the Church website, or send details to Drew Anderson (

Advice and Information

In terms of general guidance, everyone should take on board the advice and guidance from Government and our health authorities, particularly as it affects those viewed as particularly vulnerable (elderly and individuals with underlying health issue). Based on this, individuals can make an informed decision on participation in events and activities during the current emergency. This guidance is of course subject to change.

For definitive guidance we would refer leaders and participants to formal government, NHS and World Health Organisation information and advice :